Areas Covered

Rob Blair for all your plumbing requirements

Dedicated to diagnosing and rectifying any fault as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Siphons
  • Cisterns & Ball Cocks
  • Leaks & Burst Pipes
  • Radiators & Pipes
  • Hot Water Cylinders & Sinks
  • Showers & Taps
  • Toilers & Bidets
  • Pumps & Valves
  • Tanks & Overflows
  • Installations of Bathrooms/Toilets/Showers/Kitchens

All work carried out to Gas Safety Regulations

  • Do not let dripping taps and ball valves go unchecked
  • - this is a sure sign that your plumbing system requires maintenance
  • Stop valves will corrode - check yours every 3 months
  • Ensure that all exposed pipes and storage systems are properly insulated
  • Know the location of the stop valve on the incoming water supply and that it works
  • Know the location of your outside manhole should access be required for your drains

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